We are a manufacturer and distributor of the DONEWELL brand of quality plastic products in the Philippines. We are recognized as the largest supplier and wholesaler of plastic products in Metro Manila and all over the Philippines. Our main product lines include PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE plastic film bags. Over the years, we have continuously upgraded our product line to better serve the customers’ varied product demands. We offer new DONEWELL products such as biodegradable t-shirt bags, adhesive tapes, plastic twine, drinking cups and straw, plastic plates and cutlery, hand gloves, microwavable food containers, PET bottles, hangers, and spout pails.

We also accept customization and printing of plastic bags.



We will be the leading plastic packaging solutions provider nationwide and eventually expanding distribution overseas. We will be the leading supplier of affordable and quality plastic packaging products, with the most diversified product lines.



1. Maintain a consistently high level of customer satisfaction
2. Produce quality products and provide superior after sales service
3. Increase productivity by encouraging team work among our team members and instilling in them a sense of pride in their work
4. Work closely with our suppliers and impress upon them our desire to be their partners in business growth
5. Observe ethical business standard
6. Continue to be a responsible member of the community



Philippine Plastics Industry Association.